Piotr Orzechowski – piano solo
Decca Classics / Universal Music Polska
Premiere: November 2014

15 Studies for the Oberek is Pianoohooligan’s second solo album for the Decca Classics label, which is a collection of the artist’s musical reflections devoted to this Polish dance form. The Studies are short musical sketches resembling piano miniatures, dedicated to specific characteristics of the Oberek. The 15 pieces contained on the disc represent an attempt to discover universal properties of folk music, as well as to confront them with the language of contemporary music.

The material encompasses five thematic issues, comprised of three Studies each. The artist, in posing himself questions concerning the source of improvisation, records the process of delving into the inner life of the dance, bringing out and describing such elements as the rhythm, melody or harmony. By virtue of this, we obtain material that is extraordinarily colorful, diversified in terms of tensions, with many surprising twists in the action, and whose main aim is to discover and understand the essence of the Oberek in the title.

Partners in the project are: Channel 2 of Polish Radio, the National Audiovisual Institute and the City of Kraków.